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When I started my career back in 1987, companies still invested a lot of energy and time in producing business plans. These were meant to be master plans for 5 to 10 years ahead. At best they determined what growth was expected in yearly budgeting and you could kill investors question by dropping the book on their head. Even then, coming from university I really suspected that this was not at all productive. Massive spreadsheets on green and white paper populated rooms and some printers were positioned so they could pour the printed paper directly into the shredder. „Strategic Planning“ it was called. It made me feel sick, knowing that there were managers around who really believed in it. (At least they told me so.) We all felt that the company would now definitely miss out on all these fantastic new market opportunities coming up. I and others left. Back then „Strategic Judgement“ was not that important, because the company finally died 9 years later.

Strategic Judgement is good for Teams

Today everybody knows that planning is different. Business cycles are much shorter now. We have agile processes, SCRUM Masters. Increasingly windows of opportunities have already closed again before we even understand what it was. Running a successful business in future may have much more similarity to playing soccer with trainer sitting on the side line than with well thought of strategies that have mutually been agreed and nodded and signed off in glass / ivory towers.

Operational business will be: Doing exactly the right thing at the right time without even knowing or proclaiming what you are going to do next. There is no time to drop a note on it. You watch your colleagues and position yourself that they can use your competency in the most profitable way. Here comes the ball, the personal contribution to the next goal can be analysed afterwards, but never anticipated. What should you have to make it happen? What is it you would need?

  • a direction,
  • a target,
  • a deep understanding of your colleagues‘ abilities and skills
  • your skills and expertise, training
  • knowledge about your opponent
  • a strong belief that you can make it, sense of purpose
  • patterns and standards to apply in between decisions
  • enthusiasm about your goals and contribution

To become successful as a team you have to be eager to share everything you can do and with your team. Hidden agenda, hidden abilities and unclear ambitions … individual targets that do not completely match those of the team? Absolutely counter productive! For good team-play complete alignment will be essential!

What would be massive hindrances and derailers preventing success?

  • Belief in strength but now the actual foundation for it
  • (Blind Optimism)
  • a big Ego that makes you want to be the greatest
  • not being agile and responsive to new situations
  • lack of precision
  • lack of decision power
  • lack of sense of urgency and speed
  • lack of optimism
  • What’s so strategic about it?!

Now, dear Reader, back to your life as a manager. What is the future of Business Planning? A competency we call Strategic Judgement enables people to work in teams with total dedication, trusting each other, and with a perfect overview how the actual situation can be best used by the team. The above ingredients are components that actually can be understood as a cookbook for better results. I do not want to mention it, but of course there needs to be a set of rules, a certain corporate ID like the trikot, but nothing that would set formal speed limits, or would penalize creativity of individuals. Strategic Judgement is something we can assess and measure with high predictive powers.

The strategic portion of the judgement is that you follow a common target and goal. It is the perfect alignment that transforms an individual successful contribution to a strategic contribution. It adds to the common repositiory of success patterns for future problem solving. It is exactly not like a green traffic light that gets the crowd moving into the same direction. It’s the unique purpose and perfect collaboration that gives each new solution the invincible power.

Go home: Mr./Mrs. I-know-it-all
Welcome: Mr./Mrs. I-love-how-you-did-that

I would now expect you to question yourself and your team, how much you REALLY know about each other and how much you are REALLY ready to share out, trust and appreciate what others can do and you can do with other maximizing the benefit. How mature and sincere is your intention to let your team play in the 1st league?

  • How much can all your team member’s trust their own careers to the abilities of the other and to you as their trainer?
  • How much alignment is there?

Let us conduct a check and see how far your team can be a champion. Get a step by step roadmap how this collaboration effort can be maximized and improved.

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