„Expatriate Relocation“

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Moving is one of the more stressful times in a person’s life, and that is compounded when the relocation involves moving to another country.
Covering the chronological experiences and emotional phases people go through when relocating, particularly internationally, Gudrun Kittel-Thong’s comprehensive guide can help prevent (most) of the usual pitfalls that await.
Written from the perspective of a life coach, Gudrun’s volume is a must-have for anyone preparing to move internationally. Easy to read and fundamentally applicable, with at times a humorous twist, this optimistic and encouraging guide counsels anyone beginning this journey to not try and reinvent the wheel. Real case studies combine with personal experiences to paint a colourful and interesting picture of the pitfalls and complications often encountered. And most important of all, it offers concrete advice on how best to avoid these problems by thinking and planning ahead. This thought-provoking and self-reflective primer also includes workbook-style coaching questions and space to work through your answer, making it an interactive experience unlike any other currently available.

This highly informative, expertly structured, and easy-to-read project book can take even a novice traveler through the experience with a firm, guiding hand leading to a successful and stress-free conclusion. Profoundly effective and full of pertinent advice and strategies, Expatriate Relocation: How to Manage the Emotional Issues When Relocating is all you need to prepare for the journey of your lifetime.

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